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BASF Boosts Photoinitiator Production in Mortara, Italy


Iinvests 4 million euros to 6 million euros in its facilities

Through investments in the local facilities, BASF enhances the competitiveness of the photoinitiator production in Mortara, Italy, and strengthens the site in the long term. In 2014, BASF invests €4 million to €6 million in its facilities in order to ensure the highest standards of safety and environmental protection and to improve the efficiency of the production lines.
In addition, BASF extends its production of photoinitiators in Mortara. The site is one of the largest in the world for the production of photoinitiators.
The development, production and marketing of photoinitiators are a core business of BASF. BASF has built up a leading position in the UV coatings and inks market, with a strong portfolio comprising photoinitiators, light stabilizers, formulation additives and UV resins supported by intensive technical service. Added in very small quantities, photoinitiators speed up the drying process for UV curable coatings, inks and adhesives by triggering chemical reactions upon exposure to UV light.

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