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Sun Chemical, DIC Present How Combining Technologies Make Superior Coatings at ACS 2014


Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC, came together as one company at the American Coatings Show 2014 to display its product families of pigments and resins for a full range of coatings applications in the automotive, architectural and industrial industries.

Booth 704 showcased Sun Chemical’s broad portfolio of effect, high performance and classical pigments and preparations, including its newest product lines – Sunfast Elastomer Black pigments, SunMica Exterior XC pearlescent pigments, and Benda-Lutz metallic pigments.

DIC showed how combining Sun Chemical’s pigments capabilities with its high functionality resins and additives, including DIC GMA acrylics for powder coatings, CERANATE polysiloxane-acrylic hybrids, and DIC SAR (silicone acrylic resins), provides all the key ingredients needed for superior coatings products.

“Our customers are looking for solutions that will help differentiate them from their competitors and grow their business,” said Michael Venturini, global marketing manager for coatings, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments. “During the American Coatings Show, we will show our customers how they can produce some of the most enticing coatings by combining Sun Chemical’s pigments and preparations with DIC’s industry-leading resins. These are the key ingredients needed for superior products for automotive, architectural and other applications, and we can offer them together as one company.”

Coatings formulators looking for low gloss black pigments with improved jetness for waterborne, solventborne, and powder coatings can now impart physical toughness, chemical resistance, and water resistance onto most applications with Sun Chemical’s new Sunfast Elastomer Black pigment.

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber, the newest addition to Sun Chemical Performance Pigments’ diverse pigment line utilizes a fine particle size black elastomer pigment that creates an attractive low sheen coating with excellent flow and leveling in thin, smooth finishes. Ideal for coatings on plastic, wood, coil and powder coatings, the new offering is well-suited for use on consumer electronics, automotive interiors, flooring, cabinets, furniture, direct to metal finishes, and sound-proofing coatings.

“Our new Sunfast Elastomer Black pigments possess excellent hiding properties and pleasing haptics,” said Venturini. “These traits and more make Elastomer Black very well suited for automotive interior coatings. Its excellent physical properties improve the overall chemical and rub resistance of coatings, and the low gloss black color is ideal for automotive undercarriage and under hood coatings, as well as on topcoats and trim parts, including grills, mirrors, door handles and wheels.”

DIC will also be on hand to showcase its broad range of acrylic resins for general industry coatings, including their SAR series resins, which combine excellent adhesion and weatherstability to a wide range of ferrious, non-ferrious, and plastic substrates.

The DIC SAR series of resins ambient cure via a isocyanate free moisture cure mechanism for excellent adhesion to polycarbonate, ABS and other plastic substrates used for consumer electronics, wheel covers and auto interiors. Their excellent weathering properties and chemical resistance, make SAR resins an important choice for exterior architectural and maintenance coatings.

Sun Chemical also launched its new SunMica Exterior XC product line, a series of 13 pearlescent special effect pigments specifically geared for exterior coatings applications, especially powder coatings.

Available in all major colors, including six particle size distributions of pearlescent white, SunMica Exterior XC consists of thin natural mineral mica flakes coated with optical layers of titanium dioxide and/or iron dioxide that have been specially treated to have exceptional outdoor durability. SunMICA Exterior XC pigments add depth, shimmer and sparkle, providing unlimited styling possibilities.

DIC glycidyl methacrylate acrylic (GMA) resin technology for powder coatings can be used with SunMica Exterior XC and Benda-Lutz Metallic pigments to produce exceptional weatherability and gloss retention for a wide range of end uses.

As a world leader in GMA chemistries, DIC offers a broad range of products for powder coatings with unique properties. DIC’s proprietary chemistries provide excellent adhesion to aluminum for filiform corrosion resistant wheel coatings, while providing outstanding pigment dispersion characteristics. In addition, GMAs will improve flow and leveling as well as enhanced stain and chemical resistance of polyester hybrid, polyester TGIC, and polyurethane powder coatings.

Sun Chemical will showcase a wide array of metallic pigments under the Benda-Lutz brand name, including Benda-Lutz MAXAL grades for a bold metallic look. These aluminum pigments have maximum surface reflectivity, high brilliance, and strong color travel of polished silver dollar flakes.

For industry-leading chemical resistance, Sun Chemical offers its state-of-the-art EC encapsulation technology. Benda-Lutz MAXAL EC encapsulated pastes add enhanced gassing stability in waterborne paint and provide superior resistance to alkali and acid staining without impacting the optical properties of the base aluminum flake for a wide variety of applications including the coating of automotive parts and accessories and outdoor architectural coatings in powder and liquid paints.

“Benda-Lutz has been a brand name synonymous with the highest quality ingredients for coatings, powder coatings, light-weight concrete, plastics and printing inks since 1910,” said Venturini. “With our recent acquisition of Benda-Lutz, we are a full-service, global pigments leader that is able to address any coating need customers may have. Customers that explore our metallic pigment offerings will learn how each product line in the Benda-Lutz family can be tailor-made specifically to meet their individual needs and ultimately grow their business.”

When MAXAL EC is used together with DIC’s CERANATE polysiloxane- acrylic hybrid resins, coatings formulators produce an exceptionally durable, stain resistant, and self-cleaning coating.

DIC CERANTE waterborne resins can be ambient cured with the DIC WATERSOL curing agent to produce clear or pigmented finishes with the same outstanding weatherstability of fluoropolymer chemistries. In addition, CERANTE coatings are self-cleaning and highly stain resistant, making them ideal for high volume, low maintenance applications ranging from outdoor living spaces to aluminum cladding and commercial buildings.

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