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INX Digital Launches New TRIANGLE UV Curable Pigmented Inks for Durst Rho Series Printers


INX Digital introduced MGA UV curable pigmented inks to the U.S. marketplace. The newest TRIANGLE brand product from the digital division of INX International Ink Co. is a premium high density, acrylate-based grand format alternative inkjet ink set. Formulated specifically for use with the Durst Rho series of printers, it produces outstanding results with multiple benefits and is another product designed with INX Digital’s environmental conservation in mind.

MGA offers a wide color gamut and is intended for use with a variety of display graphics media including billboards, Point-of-purchase displays and backlit display prints. In comparison to the OEM inks, MGA provides greater pigment loading, color gamut and adhesion, specifically to plastics. Michael Armstrong, INX Digital’s regional sales manager for the eastern U.S., says printers also have a strong financial incentive to consider.

“Printing with MGA inks can add 20-25% to a printer’s bottom line, but the results truly speak for themselves,” said Armstrong. “Brilliant color density and ink coverage, and improved adhesion make for a much higher quality print that is attractive to many customers. MGA also is formulated to meet or exceed GRACoL color space.

“We understand how printheads function, so we formulate our inks to match the application demands by targeting specific print heads. This ensures the best possible performance for all TRIANGLE brand and other inks and gives our customers an advantage in the marketplace. Other ink manufacturers take a more general approach, providing inks for a multitude of print heads that result in weaker performance.”

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