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Evonik Launches New Product Family VISIOMER Terra


Evonik Industries, one of the world’s leading providers of products based on methacrylate chemistry, will be presenting its new line of VISIOMER Terra products at the American Coatings Show in Atlanta, GA. On March 1, 2014, the Acrylic Monomers Business Line began bundling methacrylate monomers based to a significant degree on renewable resources under the product family VISIOMER® Terra. 
VISIOMER Terra showcases the partially bio-based products that are already part of the Acrylic Monomers’ portfolio and is expected to continue growing in the future.

“Thanks to VISIOMER Terra, we can already offer our customers products that combine outstanding properties for end-use applications with a source of bio-based raw materials. Developing new products based on renewable resources is a fixed component of our development work. We also continuously evaluate potential options for manufacturing existing products from bio-based raw materials,” said Hans-Peter Hauck, head of the Acrylic Monomers Business Line.

VISIOMER Terra IBOMA allows manufacturers to formulate environmentally safe coatings while keeping VOC content low. VISIOMER Terra C17.4-MA and VISIOMER Terra C13-MA increase hydrophobicity in resin systems, thereby improving resistance to water and solvents.