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Lawter Announces Transfer of its Varnish Business to Kustom Group

Published April 10, 2014
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Lawter announces the transfer of its varnish business to Kustom Group, wherein Kustom Group will produce, market and sell these varnishes in North America and the Caribbean Islands. Lawter will continue to produce, market and sell its varnishes in other global regions.
Lawter will permanently close its LaVergne, TN manufacturing facility.

“In an effort to better align our company’s strategy, we will focus on our strength in North America supplying resin and resin solutions to the ink industry,” said Nob Makino, Lawter’s chairman and CEO.

This announcement will affect nine Lawter associates at the LaVergne facility, and the company plans to provide them with comprehensive severance and outplacement assistance.

“Throughout its long history, the LaVergne team has always set a high standard, in terms of production and safety, and we have the utmost gratitude and respect for everyone who has worked there over the years, for their contributions to Lawter.” Makino stated.

“Lawter is pleased to have this opportunity to expand our long-standing relationship with Kustom Group,” said Jeroen Triesscheijn, executive vice president and COO of Lawter. “We feel that this will be a nice fit. We plan to work closely with Kustom Group to safeguard the transfer of the varnish business in North America and the Caribbean Islands to make it a seamless transition for our customers.”

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