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SunJet to Showcase Inkjet Chemistry at FESPA Digital 2014


Visitors will see latest in inkjet technology suited for a wide variety of applications

SunJet, the global inkjet division of Sun Chemical, will demonstrate its expertise in inkjet technology at FESPA Digital 2014, May 20-13, 2014, in Munich.
Visitors to the Sun Chemical stand will see the latest in inkjet technology suited for a wide variety of applications. SunJet’s knowledge of end-user applications means it is uniquely positioned to tailor chemistry to the exact requirements of the OEMs, while its formulation capabilities and application expertise can help to create new market opportunities.
“SunJet is all about ink chemistry, an area in which our capabilities are extremely broad, explaining why we have the widest range of inks available for almost every inkjet application,” said Peter Saunders, global business manager, SunJet. “Our understanding of chemistry mixed with our depth of expertise in the science of jetting fluids ensures our offering is one of the most compelling in today’s market. We aim to understand what the end-user desires and how they’re using ink in their product or process so that solutions can be specifically tailored for OEMs.
“At FESPA Digital 2014 we will illustrate our knowledge in the chemistry behind inkjet and our understanding of particular applications. Combining our 25 years’ experience in digital technology, with Sun Chemical’s knowledge of print means we’re able to deliver application focused inkjet solutions and technology in new and existing markets.”

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