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INX International Plans Grand Opening for UK Facility


Will hold grand opening of new metal deco ink plant on April 16

INX International UK Ltd. officials will host a grand opening event at its new manufacturing facility in Heywood, England on April 16. The largest dedicated two-piece ink structure outside the United States reflects the company’s increased market share and effort to accommodate expanded business in the beer and beverage can market throughout Europe and the Middle East.
“This new facility, along with our site in Charlotte, NC, shows our long term commitment to the metal decorating industry and our customers globally. It has been an important part of our company’s business for over 50 years,” stated Rick Clendenning, president and CEO of INX International Ink Co.
INX broke ground on the new complex in March 2012. At 40,000 square-feet, it is 75% larger than the building it replaces in Rochdale, where the blending and storing of ink for printing beer and soft drink cans began in 1992.
Equipped with the latest in energy saving technology, the Heywood facility employs more than 60 people and features the most efficient ink producing equipment for two-piece metal decorating inks. INX has future plans to manufacture three-piece metal decorating inks at this location. The expanded space also offers a large laboratory to conduct more local R&D work and technical services to support customers in a timely manner.

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