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RJA Dispersions Announces New Dispersions for Fixed Array Heads


FX dispersions provide ultra stability, ultra filterability

RJA Dispersions, a leading manufacturer of nano-pigment dispersions for inkjet inks, located in Hudson WI, announced the industry’s first dispersions for fixed array heads at the 2013 IMI Europe Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

New high speed, in-line inkjet presses are becoming available which provide continuous color printing at web speeds exceeding 100 feet/min. Used for high speed label printing and other industrial applications, these inkjet presses are anticipated to displace conventional flexo and offset printing processes over time. These new inkjet systems demand ever increasing quality from its inks.

RJA Dispersions new FX dispersions provide ultra stability and ultra filterability. Their 100-150 nm mean size, with D99 typically under 300 nm, provides the rheological consistency required for long-running maintenance-free operation.

Available initially in 2-PEA and PONPGDA monomers, these sets of PR122, PY150, Cyan 15:4, and Black dispersions are ready today for sampling and production quantity shipments. Additional monomers are available on request.

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