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TEGO Launches Twin 4200


Universal substrate wetting additive for printing inks, waterborne wood and industrial coatings

TEGO Twin 4200 is the new universal substrate wetting additive for waterborne wood coatings, industrial coatings and printing inks, which can also be used in solventborne and even UV cured applications. In addition to outstanding wetting and anti-cratering properties, TEGO Twin 4200 does not stabilize foam, providing a robust, more simplified processing.
Enhanced reduction of surface tension and high compatibility lead to a high performance product ideal for various coating systems. Additionally, TEGO Twin 4200’s 100% active matter content allows for its use in modern zero VOC formulations.
For more information, visit the Evonik booth (1707) at the 2014 American Coatings Show, held April 8-10 in Atlanta, GA.

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