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PRINT UV 2014 Conference Agenda Live


Print UV 2014 Conference lead sponsor, Air Motion Systems | AMS UV, announced publication of the conference agenda for the 7th Annual Print UV Conference Event, titled “Keep Calm and Cure On,” set to take place March 2-4 at the Wynn Las Vegas.

“This year’s conference is once again packed with expert information for printers on the entire UV process” said Hans Ulland, vice rpesident and co-founder of AMS. “Our speaker lineup is set to cover the growth of the entire UV market, and all the advances in UV, LED and Hw-UV technologies and the latest techniques for printing effects possible through energy curing.”

Leading the technology agenda will be the latest advances in LED curing technology for sheetfed offset printers, which is gaining acceptance worldwide as curing intensity from UV LEDs now exceeds that of conventional UV systems, and where special effects, non-porous substrate printing and productivity gains as high as 45% are being reported without the drawbacks of heat, ozone or mercury lamps.

In a similar way, Hw-UV (High Wavelength UV) or high reaction / low energy drying will also be presented to highlight recent installation experiences and triumphs, activities by press makers, and to contrast the differences between conventional UV and LED technology.

Presentations from printers who have adopted both UV LED and Hw-UV technology successfully in their pressrooms will shed light on daily production stories and the real-world aspects of their return on investment. Numerous printed samples will be on hand to examine, as well as new generations of ink, coating and press chemistry products available to support to process.

LED curing solutions for package printing will be presented as press makers and ink manufacturers increasingly roll out new products and price points to embrace the staggering opportunity to eliminate dryer heat, reduce downtime and reduce energy in high volume production.
In Print UV’s coatings and effects segment, two promising new technologies - Micro Embossing and Liquid 3D effects - will be presented as serious candidates for consideration in the widening spectrum of coated special effects. Updates on digital spot coating technologies, and the growing number of inline foiling and cast-and-cure installations around the world that are bringing new, highly sought after effects to consumers will also be discussed.

A new topic in 2014 addresses the challenge of matching offset coatings on digitally produced material, which can pose both a dilemma as well as an opportunity for printers when the digital and offset worlds collide in the pressroom.