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MGI, Konica Minolta Enter into Strategic Alliance


Konica Minolta, Inc. acquires minority stake in MGI Digital Graphic Technology

Konica Minolta, Inc. and MGI Digital Graphic Technology (MGI) announced that they have reached an agreement whereby Konica Minolta, Inc. will acquire a 10% stake in MGI, valued at €13.7 million, through a reserved capital increase. This investment will be dedicated to drive future growth, and is part of a common long term vision to establish a stronger presence in the professional digital printing market.
Building on a strong relationship that has lasted over a decade, the two business partners have agreed to expand their collaboration by entering into a strategic alliance that leverages both co-­development and the co-­marketing of existing and future products.
This agreement will allow for:
• MGI to grow to greater heights as a global player, as it gains additional exposure supported by the strong reputation and positioning of Konica Minolta, Inc. worldwide.
• Konica Minolta, Inc. to capitalize on MGI’s expertise in the digital printing market and its capacity to innovate.
• Both companies to devote their best efforts to expand sales of existing and new products, including, but not limited to, the Meteor Digital Press line.
• As part of this alliance, MGI will maintain its independence and will remain autonomous in defining its strategic axes in the midst of a rapidly evolving industry landscape.
“We are very happy and proud that Konica Minolta recognizes our accomplishments and our unique capacity to innovate,” said Edmond Abergel, CEO and chairman of MGI. ”This strategic alliance will be the basis for the development of tomorrow’s innovative digital solutions for the graphic arts industry and printed electronic 3D.”

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