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Van Son is Offering a Low-Cost GFI Rental Program


Van Son Holland Ink Corporation is now offering a low-cost GFI rental program. With the GFI machine, printers will be able to make ink on demand, have better color consistency, reduce waste, and have the ability to create custom colors.

“Our GFI rental program offers customers an opportunity to gain the benefits of a GFI machine in an economical way,” said John Sammis, president of Van Son Holland Ink Corporation of America.

With the GFI rental program, a skilled Van Son employee will come out and install the machine. The GFI machine has an accuracy tolerance of .001 lb (0.5 g) so that printers can have better color consistency at their fingertips. Additionally, they will be able to produce PMS colors in 15 minutes or less. Ordering too much ink to be on the safe side will become a thing of the past with the GFI rental because the printer can always make more. With the GFI machine, printers can run reports on  VOC emissions, inventory levels, batch costing, etc., create custom colors and save them to duplicate them with reliability each and every time.