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Flint Group Introduces Lithocure ANCORA


In 2010, Flint Group launched Flexocure ANCORA, low migration UV flexo inks for food label and packaging applications. ANCORA, Italian for "anchor," signifies solidity, firmness and integrity. Flint Group's ANCORA brand of products provides the highest print performance while meeting the lowest possible migration limits.

Flint Group knows the need for low migration solutions goes further and beyond UV flexo, extending into UV offset, specialty metallics, coatings and adhesives. To address the escalating need for the best low migration properties, Flint Group is expanding its range of products that are suitable for low migration label and package printing.

To that end, Flint Gorup introduces Lithocure ANCORA – a first true low migration UV offset range dedicated to narrow web printing. Flint Group's Lithocure ANCORA is a robust, reliable, high performance UV offset ink with documented outstanding performance results in migration testing. Lithocure ANCORA has proved to pass migration demands for all food simulants set up in the latest directives.

Lithocure ANCORA was custom designed to deliver multiple benefits:
• Very low migration – tested, proven and documented.
• A maximized water/fount window and lowest possible water pickup ensures excellent press stability over extended press hours.
• With very good curing properties, printers will experience improved productivity.
• Excellent and consistent print quality at high printing speeds.
• A mono-pigmented range with very high color strength allows inks to be used in formulating clean and accurate color matches.

Lithocure ANCORA is a universal offset ink with excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials, and is designed to reduce inventory. Printers can inventory one high quality, user-friendly, ink for all offset work.

These true low migration UV offset inks are available now in Europe; these inks will be available March 2014 in North America.

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