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Beijing Daily Moves into Commercial Printing with First Goss M-800 Web Press in China


Beijing Daily has installed a new heatset Goss web press as part of a strategy to diversify beyond its well-established newspaper production. In choosing the 32-page Goss M-800 press, the company has signaled its intention to become a leading player in its regional commercial print market.

Featuring a four-pages-around by four-pages-across (4x4) cylinder configuration, the M-800 model is capable of printing up to 80,000 16-page signatures per hour in straight production mode. The four-unit press system also incorporates a Goss Ecocool heatset dryer and Contiweb FD paster, as well as a Goss PCC-2 pinless folder.

Previously running an exclusively coldset operation, Beijing Daily produces more than 2 million newspapers daily and its entry into the commercial market is expected to reach a similar scale over time. According to Jia Fudong, vice director for the Beijing Daily printing operation, the M-800 model was chosen with production versatility in mind.

“The new press has already been called on to produce a wide range of products and formats,” explained Fudong. “Demand for commercial products and heatset retail inserts continues to increase alongside quality expectations in our region, so we’re very pleased that we decided to go with the clear leader in web press technology for this important step. Goss International’s position is well deserved, not only because they have supplied precisely the right capabilities for our production requirements, but also because the technology is backed up with a level of local support that ensures our long-term confidence.”

Tim Mercy, vice president of sales for Goss International, said the ability to print magazine, tabloid and other formats in straight or collect mode makes the M-800 model ideal for a company embarking on a new venture.

“Beijing Daily needed a press that could adapt in line with the way the new business develops, while at the same time being able to maintain the high standards expected due to its established reputation for both product content and quality. This is also an excellent option for commercial printers looking to expand their existing operation as its four-around press format complements existing two-around presses such as Goss M-600 and M-500 models,” Mercy added.

Beijing Daily is part of the Beijing Daily Group, a media company that manages nine newspapers and three magazines as well as web sites, a publishing house and a television broadcasting station. The Group publishes the leading circulation newspapers in the area, including Beijing Daily, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Morning Post and Beijing Suburbs Daily.