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SICPA's Expertise Recognized at the ID World International Congress 2013

Published November 22, 2013
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SICPA was recognised for its expertise and global contribution in the area of the fight against fake products affecting public health on the occasion of the ID World International Congress 2013 – “The Prime Event on Identification.”

Pierre Viaud, senior director public affairs and government relations at SICPA, was nominated for the Trail Blazer Award during this congress, held from Nov. 5-7, 2013.

The Trail Blazer Award is assigned “to the person who is helping the ID Community envision what will happen in the coming generation.”  The nomination was a recognition of “SICPA’s contribution to a multidisciplinary understanding of the global phenomenon of counterfeit medicines, the public health and economic impact and the drive to find the potential solutions through innovative technologies to identify fake and substandard drugs.”

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