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Van Son Supreme Series is in Demand


Can run on either straight or perfecting sheetfed presses

Van Son’s Supreme Sheetfed Process Series offers fast setting time, unparalleled rub resistance, extraordinary press stability and radiant colors.

“We are enthusiastic about the market demand for our Supreme Series,” said Joseph Bendowski, CEO of Van Son Holland Ink Corp. of America. “Our Supreme series is designed specifically to address the ink needs of today’s sheetfed operators.”

Van Son’s Supreme product line offers flexibility as it prints on a wide array of substrates and it can run on either straight or perfecting sheetfed presses. Additionally, Supreme is hard drying and G7 compliant. Van Son’s Supreme line has an ample water window, stays open overnight and is easy to use. Van Son’s Supreme ink is UV coatable, foil stampable and can be used with film lamination.