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K 2013 a Success for BOBST


Shows innovative solutions and services for production of flexible packaging

K 2013 was a resounding success for BOBST. In addition to its presentations in Düsseldorf, the company had invited existing and prospective customers from all over the world to concurrent Open House events at the BOBST Technology Centres in Bielefeld (Germany), Manchester (UK) and San Giorgio Monferrato (Italy).

The focus at all these locations was entirely on innovative solutions from BOBST for printing, coating and converting flexible materials. These innovations give packaging manufacturers new capabilities for improving the productivity, quality and reliability of their production processes, while at the same time reducing both the costs and the environmental impact.

All in all, several hundred companies from more than 50 countries visited BOBST, including a substantial number from emerging countries such as India and from the Middle East. A good 60% of the visitors were new customers. Contracts for numerous projects were finalized. In this respect, the key fields involved included the BOBST solutions for coating and metallizing materials for flexible packaging, as well as entry-level solutions for gravure printing.

While activities on the BOBST exhibition stand at K 2013 revolved around technology demonstrations, the BOBST Technology Centres focused on offering hands-on sessions addressing the subjects of flexo printing and laminating, vacuum metallizing and gravure printing and laminating.

"Despite the difficult situation of the global economy, the market for flexible packaging is proving to be highly dynamic,” said Eric Pavone, business director of Business Unit Web-Fed at BOBST. “Manufacturers of branded goods are constantly in search of innovative solutions that enable them to further improve the attractiveness and functionality of flexible packaging.

At K 2013 and the Open House events at the Technology Centres, BOBST presented a host of innovative possibilities for packaging manufacturers to proactively meet the permanently growing demands of the market. This applies to clear coatings with excellent barriers properties, for instance, where BOBST is the world market leader. Another example is the latest generation of the ROTOSIL high-speed silicone coating line, which is used to manufacture release liners which are used for products for the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as other sectors.”