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Landa, Komori Strengthen Strategic Relationship


Landa selects Komori platforms for all sheetfed Nanographic Printing Presses, orders production units

Landa Corporation and Komori Corporation announced the strengthening of their strategic relationship. The companies had collaborated during Landa's development of Nanography, with Komori providing sheetfed platforms for Landa's launch of Nanographic Printing at drupa 2012.

The companies have now formalized their long-term strategic alliance by entering into multi-faceted agreements in which Komori will be the global supplier of all sheetfed Landa Nanographic Printing Press platforms to Landa, and Landa will provide Komori with Nanographic Printing technology and Landa NanoInk Colorants for incorporation into Komori-branded Nanographic Printing presses.

Since drupa, Landa engineers have been evaluating proposals from the industry's leading press vendors, both European and Asian, for supply of sheetfed platforms for Landa Nanographic Printing Presses. The conclusion of this year-long pursuit left no doubt: Komori is in a class of its own and the clear partner of choice for Landa. The outcome led Landa to place orders with Komori for sheetfed platforms for Landa's S10 Nanographic Printing Presses, which will start to be delivered to customers in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Following a lengthy technology diligence period, during which Komori scientists and engineers studied, evaluated and tested Landa Nanographic Printing technology, Komori concluded that Nanography has the potential to deliver on its promise of matching the quality and speed of offset printing at the lowest cost per page in the digital printing industry. Komori therefore formalized its license agreement with Landa, cementing the long-term strategic alliance between the companies.

"Since we first started our collaboration with Komori, we have been deeply impressed by the company, its people and its culture,” said Benny Landa, Landa founder, chairman and CEO. “Komori is an outstanding partner for Landa, bringing an extremely high caliber of engineering expertise, second-to-none quality and performance, together with a fervent commitment and willingness to invest in the future. It is gratifying to have as our strategic partner the one global press vendor that continues to thrive despite the challenges faced by the industry."

"It is a great honor to be able to cooperate with Landa in bringing Nanography to market,” Yoshiharu Komori, Komori president, chairman and CEO, said. “Our teams have been closely monitoring Landa's development and have been amazed with the progress made so far, which exceeds our expectations. We believe that the impact of Benny Landa's new invention, Nanography-with the Komori platform-will have a far greater impact even than his introduction of the first digital printing press."

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