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Kodak Shares Expertise, Insight with Brand Owners and Packagers at 2013 AIPIA Congress


Delegates examine the key issues in Active and Intelligent Packaging

Brand owners, packagers, and retailers gathered at the 2013 AIPIA Congress in Nuremberg last month to discuss the latest trends and opportunities in packaging and brand protection. Hosted by the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA), the event featured a variety of exhibits and more than 40 sessions addressing everything from printed electronics and RFID to nanotechnology and antimicrobial applications.

Packaging is the face of a brand, representing the product in a visual way to consumers while also protecting the product and the reputation of the brand owner. Recent developments in Active and Intelligent Packaging are adding new dimensions to the functionality and value of packs. Attendees came to the event to learn about implementing A&IP technologies in order to market, protect, trace, and enhance their products.

“As a leader in packaging innovations and brand security solutions, Kodak recognizes the importance of a strong anticounterfeiting strategy,” said Kodak’s Hal McLenon, Smart Packaging product manager. “Our job is to help brand owners navigate through the myriad of technology choices to design and implement a customized, effective, and economical strategy.”

McLenon presented a session titled “Kodak’s Perspective on Smart Packaging in the World Today,” where he discussed Kodak’s solutions for active packaging, electronic packaging, and brand protection. Kodak is a leader in packaging, with its own branded solutions as well as a number of third-party partners bringing Kodak Ttechnology to market under their own names in each of these areas. McLenon also cited a number of customer examples to illustrate the power of Kodak’s expertise in imaging and materials science as well as deposition technology.

“Very few companies in the world have the combined capabilities and talent that Kodak can apply to this opportunity,” added McLenon. “We have established key partnerships to extend our capabilities and go-to-market and create solutions for the packaging and functional printing markets.”

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