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E Ink Innovation Center Opens in Billerica, MA


Center represents a $36 million investment and is more than 140,000 square feet

E Ink Holdings held opening ceremonies to officially open its new U.S. headquarters – the E Ink Innovation Center, located at 1000 Technology Park Drive in Billerica, MA. The new facility is a modern, open and collaborative space, housing research and development (R&D) labs, pilot facilities, test chambers and administrative offices, all under one roof. The company was previously headquartered in Cambridge.

"The additional space will support E Ink's growth and expansion into new markets, and will foster a more creative and collaborative environment for our employees," said Felix Ho, CEO of E Ink Holdings. "Our new facility in Billerica was specifically designed with our technology needs in mind and offers us significantly more space. It gives our employees a dynamic and energizing working environment while allowing us to invest in the Massachusetts economy, growing our business where it all started."

The new E Ink Innovation Center represents a $36 million investment, is more than 140,000 square feet, can hold up to 400 employees and reinforces E Ink's position as a leading technological business innovator in Massachusetts. E Ink was just awarded the Silver Team Massachusetts Economic Impact Award by the MassEcon council for its outstanding contribution to the Massachusetts economy.

The former E Ink space was located on Concord Avenue in Cambridge, MA, with the office and labs housed in multiple buildings on the campus. The new facility doubles the company's footprint while bringing employees under one roof, and contains many sustainable features including collaborative workspaces, training rooms, warehousing space and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.

"Due to E Ink's growth and our projections for the coming years, the facility will serve to support our business efforts today and in the future," said Giovanni Mancini, director of product management for E Ink Holdings. "We are very proud of the hard work and long hours our employees put into building our new home, and equally as proud to open our doors to the Billerica community. Here's to doing business together as we look forward to our continued growth."