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Sun Chemical Sets New Industry Standard with FCN 1311 an FDA Approval for its C.I. Pigment Red 122

Published October 21, 2013
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Sun Chemical Performance Pigments has received FDA approval for Food Contact Notification (FCN) 1311 covering its C.I. Pigment Red 122 as a colorant for food-contact use at 1.5% for all food types and use conditions, except packaging for infant foods (0-6 months).

FCN 1311 allows for the highest pigment loading levels in the industry along with the broadest conditions of use. These loading levels provide a broader shade range in the coloring food packaging materials and more extensive conditions of use over competitive products currently available.

C.I. Pigment Red 122 is a quinacridone pigment, one of many manufactured by Sun Chemical Performance Pigments at multiple sites worldwide to meet market requirements. Sun Chemical’s quinacridone pigments meet individual customer needs, whether it is for thick cross-section parts like bottles and caps or low Filter Pressure Value (FPV) requirements for easy dispersion in film and fiber.

FCN 1311 covers a wide range of Quindo products, shades and physical properties. The powder versions (dry color) and SunPlast Granules (low dusting) approved under FCN 1311 are listed below:

• 228-0013 – Quindo Magenta - Industry standard.
• 228-0130 – SunPlast Granules - Granule version of 228-0013, easy dispersing and low dusting.
• 228-0131 – SunPlast Granules - High strength, high chroma for thin cross-sections, FPV.
• 228-6655 Quindo Magenta – Slightly opaque version.
• 228-8655 SunPlast Granules – Easy dispersing granule of 228-6655, low dusting.
• 228-CBR1 Fastogen Magenta – General ink, opaque and blue.
• 228-CBR2 Fastogen Magenta – General ink, transparent and yellow.
• 228-CBR3 Fastogen Magenta – General coatings, opaque and high chroma.
• 228-CBR4 Fastogen Magenta – Dry color for thin cross-section FPV version.

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