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EFI Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary of Printcafe Acquisition and A Decade of the 'New EFI'


Company became more focused on growth areas of the industry while helping customers transform their own businesses

EFI is marking the 10-year anniversary of its acquisition of Printcafe, a leading provider of MIS/ERP solutions for printing operations. This acquisition represented the birth of "the new EFI," paving the way for the company to evolve by becoming more focused on the growth areas of the industry while helping customers transform their own businesses.

At the time of the acquisition on Oct. 21, 2003, CEO Guy Gecht stated, "Adding Printcafe technology and services to EFI's current portfolio helps further our vision of providing a complete, end-to-end professional printing workflow."

"By adding Printcafe, and its expertise and customer relationships, we were able to kick-start the transformation of our business," Gecht said today. "Ten years later, EFI is a leading global provider of digital imaging across multiple industries. The 'new EFI' that was born with the Printcafe acquisition embodies the spirit of innovation and transformation that continues to grow stronger over time."

The technologies and services EFI began offering with the Printcafe acquisition helped EFI offer more value to customers through leading-edge products and support, combined with a robust user community network.

"We have maintained a great relationship with EFI since becoming a customer through the Printcafe acquisition in 2003, and it has been incredible to watch the significant impact that the company has made and continues to make in our ever-evolving industry," said long-time customer David Pilcher Sr., owner and president of Freeport Press in Freeport, OH. "Our company has gone through successful transformations of our own and experienced significant growth over the years, and EFI has been with us every step of the way. We look forward to many more years of partnership with the EFI team."

Prior to the Printcafe acquisition, EFI had annual revenues of $416 million. The company is expecting approximately $720 million in revenues for 2013, an increase of more than 70% over the last decade.

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