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Spectra Jet, Van Son will be Collaborating Efforts at SGIA


Spectra Jet will be running Van Son Dye Sublimation Ink exclusively at booth 3001

Spectra Jet announced that it will be running Van Son’s Dye Sublimation inkjet ink exclusively at the SGIA show this month. Spectra Jet is the only sublimation transfer paper manufacturer in the U.S. Van Son Holland Ink Corporation is a leading manufacturer of ink and pressroom supplies.

“Spectra Jet has high quality sublimation transfer papers that will properly demonstrate what Van Son’s Dye Sublimation ink is capable of,” said Guy Spinelli, president of Spectra Jet.

At booth 3001, Spectra Jet will be printing on a Mutoh 1638W using Van Son’s Dye Sublimation ink and transferring with Spectra Jet’s sublimation transfer paper on a rotary heat press to demonstrate the high quality of the ink and transfer paper. Spectra Jet’s sublimation paper is made from high quality fibers and has handmade coating. Van Son’s Dye Sublimation ink has stronger pigments, wider color gamut and instant transfer at lower temperatures.

“Van Son is excited about this venture because we strive to achieve the highest level of quality in our Dye Sublimation inkjet ink and we know that Spectra Jet also upholds the same high quality standards with their line of products. Together, this represents the highest level of quality product combination for printers in the Dye Sublimation market today.” said Paul Fedorys, business development manager for the Wide Format Division of Van Son Holland Ink.

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