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DIC, Sun Chemical Announce Integration of Jet Inks Product Portfolios


Move aimed at expanding global sales activities with the aim of achieving annual sales of $100 million in 2015

DIC Corporation and U.S. subsidiary Sun Chemical Corporation announced plans to combine their previously independent jet inks lines into a single integrated portfolio, as well as to adopt Sun Chemical’s SunJet brand as the official brand name under which all DIC Group jet inks will be sold. Going forward, the DIC Group intends to expand the global scale of its jet inks business by promoting sales in developing economies.

DIC has earned a reputation as a developer of pigment dispersions, which are the main component of pigment-based jet inks and influence ink behavior. DIC markets its jet inks to inkjet printer manufacturers. Boasting advanced technologies matched by only a handful of other companies in the world, DIC is particularly noted for water-based jet inks.

Because DIC's jet inks use proprietary pigment dispersions to impart color, unlike conventional dye-based jet inks, they deliver superior resistance to moisture and light. DIC’s fundamental pigment dispersion technologies also ensure excellent color development and high gloss, as a result of which its jet inks are regarded highly for use in printing items such as posters and photographs.

Sun Chemical, which has competitive strengths in UV-curable and solvent-based jet inks, offers a wealth of products for applications such as outdoor display graphics, notably billboards and posters, which it markets to customers across North America and Europe.

The amalgamation of technologies for DIC’s water-based jet inks with those for Sun Chemical’s broad range of UV-curable and solvent-based jet inks will enable the two companies to substantially expand their product lineups and at the same time to promote sales strategies centered on the globally recognized SunJet name, thus contributing to the global expansion and evolution of the DIC Group’s jet inks business.

Other benefits include the unification of the two companies’ independent applications, positioning both companies to supply products for a greater variety of uses, including outdoor display graphics, posters, banners, labels and packaging, bar codes, coding (industrial lot and date printing), building materials, ceramics and textiles, as well as to respond to the needs of a broader range of customers. Looking ahead, DIC will work to further strengthen its relationship with Sun Chemical with the aim of expanding its presence in the PRC and other emerging markets in Asia and will step up efforts to develop innovative new products.

The DIC Group continues to implement measures aimed at reinforcing its overall business configuration. The Group currently expects consolidated net sales in fiscal year 2015 to be 10.0 billion yen ($103 million), higher than in fiscal year 2012.

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