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TC Transcontinental Recognized as a Leader in Sustainability by Canopy


Noted for its effort and commitment towards sustainable development initiatives

The environmental non-government organization Canopy recently published North America's 2013 Green Print Leadership Report, an important and original reference work for the print market. Canopy's report recognizes the leading role TC Transcontinental plays among major North American printers through its effort and commitment towards sustainable development initiatives.

Canopy based its ranking on a survey of the corporate environmental and sustainability practices of 36 printers. It named TC Transcontinental the leader in the category of "100,000 tons of paper or more per year" due to the corporation's strong paper purchasing policy and practical implementation, transparent reporting of sustainable development and active engagement to support forest conservation solutions.

"We are proud of this public recognition from an organization we admire," said François Olivier, president and CEO of TC Transcontinental. "It is clear that our success is the result of team work and that we will continue to maintain our commitment to sustainability. We will accomplish this by prioritizing our four pillars – customers, employees, shareholders and communities – who, are the most important to us, given the current context in which we operate and the future longevity of the Corporation."

TC Transcontinental introduced its first environmental policy more than 20 years ago and pursues it sustainability efforts unabated. It has won many awards for responsible corporate citizenship, including being named one of Canada's Best 50 Corporate Citizens in 2013 and receiving Canopy's Ancient Forest Friendly Award in 2012.