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Japs-Olson Will Add Another Specialized Eight-Unit Goss Sunday Web Press


Automatic Transfer press with sheeter demonstrates ongoing commitment to advanced direct-mail capabilities

Japs Olson Company will add its third new Goss Automatic Transfer web press in early 2014, reconfirming the merits of investing in modern web offset platforms to enhance the value and impact of direct-mail. The company will also install a new Goss Pacesetter saddlestitcher at its facility in St. Louis Park, MN.
Michael Murphy, president, and Robert Murphy, chairman, announced the company's latest investment at the Print 13 show in Chicago. The new press, like Sunday 2000 press systems installed in 2007 and 2011, will feature eight printing units and a 57-inch web width. Goss Autoplate and Automatic Transfer technologies will allow on-the-fly job changes without stopping for makereadies. The new Pacesetter 1600 saddlestitcher will be equipped with six horizontal hoppers and the new Goss GT-16 five-knife trimmer.

"Print is a powerful direct marketing medium, and we have continuously invested in technology to help our customers deliver their messages in the most impactful, targeted and cost-effective manner possible," said Michael Murphy. "That includes offset, digital and hybrid printing capabilities as well as advanced finishing."

Japs-Olson was the first printing company in the United States to install an eight-unit single-web press. The company has also been an innovator in the incorporation of inkjet heads within its web offset systems for product personalization.

Eight-unit Goss Sunday presses with Automatic Transfer technology provide the versatility to print up to eight colors or to print successive four-color jobs without stopping the press for a makeready. The latest press at Japs-Olson will feature a specially designed cut-off for direct-mail products. Goss will equip the system with a high-speed Vits Rotocut sheeter as well as a Goss Contiweb splicer and Ecocool dryer.

Murphy says automation, versatility and proven productivity continue to differentiate Goss Sunday press systems. "Our teams have been able to achieve the highest levels of quality, speed and efficiency while, at the same time, producing unique and highly personalized pieces in very short as well as traditional run lengths," he said. "Goss support resources and our longstanding collaborative relationship have also been vital in driving this technology to its full potential."