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Missouri S&T Offers Short Courses


Courses are on composition of coatings, paint formulation

Missouri S&T will be offering "Basic Composition of Coatings" Sept. 23-27, 2013 (fall 2013). The Basic Composition course is intended for new personnel in the coatings profession. It targets the components of coatings (resin, pigments, extenders, solvents and additives), testing and specifications, general formulation and manufacturing methods. Basic Composition is primarily a lecture course with several laboratory demonstrations.

Missouris S&T will also be offering "Introduction to Paint Formulation" Oct. 21-25, 2013 (fall 2013) . This course is intended to give the person a fundamental knowledge of how to approach a starting formulation and troubleshoot it. This course involves both lecture and laboratory work.

For more information go to, and to register, contact Catherine Hancock at or or call (573) 341-4419.