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Flint Group Awards K+E Prize at Print Media University


Graduate of packaging technology degree program honoured

For almost six decades, Flint Group has presented the K+E prize to graduates of the Print Media University in Stuttgart. With this accolade, young people who have decided to study printing technology are promoted. Over the course of this time, many more than 100 young students have been awarded; some of the prize winners moving on to later assume leading positions within the industry.

This year, Martina Ress of the packaging technology degree programme has been honored. For her bachelor thesis, she analyzed how the gloss of surfaces of corrugated cardboard printed in flexo postprint is being affected. During a ceremony on 26.07.2013, at the Print Media University, Dr. Erich Frank, head of technology management and regulatory affairs at Flint Group Packaging and Narrow Web, presented the K+E prize to Martina Ress.

”I feel that the printing industry and their suppliers still are an exciting combination of creativity, technology and economic environment,” Dr. Frank said. “For this, intelligent, well trained and active experts are necessary. Therefore I’m really delighted that today, I can honor a graduate for her excellent work, which makes a valuable contribution to our industry.”