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QuadTech Embraces PRINT 13 Theme, Innovate, Integrate, Communicate


Enables printers and converters to achieve accurate color quickly and maintain it throughout the print run

QuadTech Inc. will exhibit its state-of-the-art color and inspection technology at Converting & Package Printing Expo (CPP), co-located with PRINT 13 (Sept. 8-12, McCormick Place, Chicago), at booth 2472.

Under the theme of "The Power of Better," QuadTech offers packaging, commercial and newspaper print markets an extensive range of automated press controls that improve performance, productivity and output.

QuadTech offers fully integrated solutions including register and ribbon control, color control, ink control, 100% web inspection and data management software for virtually all printing and converting situations. QuadTech's Inspection System has a modular architecture that enables the system to inspect at any resolution on a variety of substrate surfaces on any web width-regardless of whether a press is gravure, offset, flexo or digital. The system ensures 100% inspection on all print or non-print product, web or sheet, throughout the entire print run.

For the converter, QuadTech provides reliable in-line solutions that give consistent inspection and color measurement for virtually all types of packaging substrates. As a result, the flexo/gravure packaging printer can meet the need for universal quality standards while minimizing waste and manual intervention.

The QuadTech Color Quality Solution enables automatic sharing and processing of color data between in-line color control and off-line color measurement industry leaders.

QuadTech's recently introduced Color Quality Solution is the world's first in-line color and ink control for packaging presses. The solution enables automatic sharing and processing of color data between QuadTech's in-line color measurement and off-line color measurement industry leader X-Rite. This enables a standard spectral color measurement from ink dispensing and printing stages. Comparisons of printed work with the original color information begin immediately and the Color Measurement System with SpectralCamTM shows real-time ?E, solid density and dot gain values via an operator touch screen.

QuadTech's Color Measurement System with SpectralCamT HD enables continuous, in-line monitoring of all packaging substrates, including challenging transparent, translucent and reflective films.

New for web offset printers is QuadTech's Digital Ink System, which replaces fountains with computerized ink injectors, providing precise density control across the printed image by metering the correct volume of ink delivered to each control zone. Besides improved ink density, the Digital Ink System eliminates the costs of contamination from open fountains, resulting in significant and immediate savings in ink, paper and maintenance.

QuadTech's Color Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCamT, winner of Printing Industries of America's InterTech Technology Award, provides fully automatic closed-loop color control by controlling the ink-key settings. The system also provides reliable warnings of many common printing faults such as scumming, creasing, transposed plates, and tramlines. The AccuCam system's water control capability monitors and controls press damping levels, reducing paper waste and ink usage.