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InfoTrends Introduces New Guide for the North American Production Printing Industry


Evolving technology, economic uncertainty are shaping the future of production print services in North America

A combination of technological and economic trends is pushing print service providers of all types to continue to be more innovative, more productive and more cost effective in order to stay in business. The ones that have gained expertise in these areas are actually thriving. It is therefore particularly timely to understand how successfully print services providers are reacting to this challenge.

InfoTrends is offering a new study that will investigate how evolving technology and economic uncertainty are shaping the future of production print services in North America.

InfoTrends’ "Survival Guide for the Production Printing Industry in North America” will identify business models, key applications and investment trends through a combination of e-mail surveys, phone interviews, and desk research. It is designed to help those invested in the North American production printing industry:

• Improve sales and marketing activities in key market segments.
• Prioritize product and market opportunities.
• Enable product and service strategic planning initiatives.
• Identify customer percept ions and requirements.
• Explore in-plant /CRD & print-for-pay market trends.

“As both print and non-print media and technology continue to evolve and the economy remains uncertain, it is critical for both print service providers and their suppliers to be aware of these trends,” said Steve Adoniou, director of InfoTrends Consulting Group. “The successful print service provider of the future will expand services that complement print, focus on growth applications, increase productivity, and operate more cost effectively.”

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