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11th Annual ChinaCoat Conference to be Held Nov. 18-19


Conference will focus on Nano and Biotechnology in Coatings and Finishing

The 11th Annual ChinaCoat Conference: Nano and Biotechnology in Coatings and Finishing will be held Nov. 18-19 at the Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel in Shanghai.

The Keynote Paper wil be “NanoTechnology in Coatings: Realising the Potential,”  presented by Prof. Jamil Baghdachi, Coatings Research Institute, Eastern Michigan University.

It will provide a brief discussion of the development and application of organic and inorganic nanomaterials in coatings as well as examples of coatings and their improved decorative and protective properties.

Other papers include:
• Sustainable Polyesters for Powder Coatings: Dr. Alessandro Minesso – Allnex.
• Antimicrobial Nano-Additives for Architectural Paints & Impregnates: Prof. Maria Zielecka – Industrial Chemistry Research Institute.
• Versatile Biopolymer: An Eco-Friendly Additive: Petra Lenz – BYK Additives & Instruments.
• HDPE Films with Improved Barrier & Antibacterial Properties: Prof. Regina Jeziorska – Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Poland.
• A Sustainable and Forward-looking Preservation Concept in Paints & Coatings: Mark Zhang – Schuelke & Mayr.
• Fluoropolymer Nano Coatings: Patrick Zhao – Beijing Sino-Rich Material Science.
Sustainable Metal Surface Treatment Technology for Steel: Ignacio Balta – ProCoat Tecnologias.
• Preparation and Properties of UV Curing SiO2/Hyperbranched Polyurethane Acrylate Transparent Coatings: Prof. Weiping Tu – South China University of Technology.
• Hard & Invisible – Incorporating Nanosilica Technology for New Improvements in 2-pack PU Coatings: Marco Heuer – Evonik Hanse.