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Honored for its XP5 UV LED curing system

Air Motion Systems – AMS UV announced that its UV LED curing system, XP5, was awarded a 2013 MUST-SEE-EMS award in connection with the upcoming PRINT 13 Show taking place in Chicago from Sept. 8-12.

AMS' XP Series technology is enabling printers and converters around the world to reap the benefits of instant, low energy, heat-less LED drying at top press speeds, on virtually any type of machine, including those not previously prepared for UV.

"LED simply goes where other drying systems cannot," said Steve Metcalf, president and CEO of AMS. "In just a few short years since it was first introduced, our UV LED technology is now surpassing the performance of conventional UV and even more recent High-Wavelength UV (Hw-UV) systems. We are thrilled with the selection of our XP5 system as a winner of this year's award."

The AMS XP5 system is the first stand-alone UV LED curing system to win the MUST SEE EMS award, and the only UV technology to be recognized in this year's competition.

AMS will have the XP5 LED curing system on display at this year's PRINT 13 show in Chicago, and will have print samples highlighting recent offset and flexo installations.