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Amcor Launches New Customer Friendly Website


Offers simpler navigation and new content

Amcor, the world’s biggest packaging company, launches simpler navigation and new content at to make it a whole lot easier for customers to find what they need.

Amcor undertook extensive user testing with customers and other stakeholders to introduce improvements such as:

• Creating a simpler structure for product information to be found.
• Reducing the number of clicks required to find information.
• Simplifying the language and terminology.
• Making it easier for customers to contact Amcor.
• Reducing the number of overall pages.

Prue Deniz, Amcor’s vice president corporate communications, said that the refreshed website will make it easier and faster for customers and other visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for.

“Our refreshed design includes a number of powerful improvements. Our new mega menu means that visitors are never more than two clicks away from finding what they need, creating a simpler and faster user experience,” Deniz said. “In response to customers telling us some of our language was too technical, we’ve introduced customer-friendly language, rather than ‘packaging speak’, offering a better experience when doing business with Amcor. We’ve also provided contact numbers for all of our products, so customers can reach Amcor experts quickly for further information.”