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Flint Group Launches FlexiBase HDP

Published July 9, 2013
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Flint Group has introduced FlexiBase HDP, its next generation of high definition solvent-based dispersions for the North American packaging market. This patent pending, award-winning set of bases allows flexo printers to come closer than ever to gravure print quality – providing sharp and crisp print results. This line of ink bases is specifically designed for surface and reverse coated flexographic printing for use on bags and pouches.

“High Definition printing is the talk of the flexographic printing industry. There have been new developments delivered by plate, anilox and press manufacturers to address this market trend. This new set of dispersions is the final piece of the puzzle for wide web package printers looking to replicate gravure-type print quality," said Philip Ernest, Flint Group’s director of technology liquid packaging. “Not only does this new product deliver high definition print quality, it improves printers’ throughput by minimizing plate washes and extending the life of the printing plate. This new product line truly lowers the printer’s applied cost through patent pending technology.”

Key attributes and benefits include 18 color choices, providing high color strength with high gloss, excellent resolubility and good flow. FlexiBase HDP delivers the ability to print HD 150-200 lpi graphics with very low dot gain. Not only does this set deliver high definition print quality, but it also runs clean for longer periods of time versus conventional slow bases. With FlexiBase HDP, printers can realize increased print quality and improved throughput.

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