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Thinfilm Demonstrates Low-Voltage Display Driver with Complementary Organic Logic for Printed Electronics


Display driver is designed for commercial electronic printing and operates at 6 volts

Thin Film Electronics ASA (Thinfilm) announced that it has successfully demonstrated a low-voltage display driver based on complementary organic logic. The display driver is designed for commercial electronic printing and operates at 6 volts, controlling an ultra-low-cost electrochromic display.

Thinfilm’s transistor technology, developed together with Polyera and others, exhibits near-ideal behavior across a broad voltage operating range, from 3 to 20 volts. This range is particularly compatible with multiple functions needed for Thinfilm Smart Labels, from control of low-power displays and sensors, to writing Thinfilm Memory.

Last December, Thinfilm demonstrated a printed electronic temperature sensor for monitoring perishable goods. The new Thinfilm display driver will be integrated into and extend the uses of this platform.

Thinfilm also announced the build-up of its high-definition printing facility in Linköping, Sweden. Equipment for manufacturing printed transistors has passed factory acceptance tests and is currently being installed at the company’s product development site. With additional equipment to be delivered in Q4 2013, Thinfilm will have internal capacity for printing up to 50 million electronic labels annually.

Development of Thinfilm’s low-voltage display driver was partially funded by the Eurostars Programme, in conjunction with ACREO Swedish ICT and Santa Anna IT Research Institute AB. Thinfilm would also like to thank Innovation Norway for its continued support, including a recent $1.2M grant to commercialize wireless sensor labels.