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Nazdar Introduces NFX56 Magnetic Receptive Ink


Produces a surface coating that will attract to a magnet

Nazdar Ink Technologies announces the development of NFX56 Magnetic Receptive UV Screen Ink, which produces a surface coating that will attract to a magnet. The unique ink is suitable for a range of substrates that includes rigid styrene, polycarbonate and some coated papers. The ink itself is metallized and non-magnetic. Ideal for printing menu boards and other changeable signage, Magnetic Receptive Ink gives customers the versatility to add features and daily specials instantly.

Print samples demonstrating the use of NFX56 are available now. The base is 8 ½” x 11” with a magnetic sheet attached. The NFX56 is screen printed second surface to smaller offset graphics that are positioned on the magnetic sheeting.

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