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Xennia Introduces New Zircon Colors for Digital Ceramic Tile Printing


Adds Pink, White and Beige to its XenInx Zircon ceramic ink range

Xennia Technology announced the introduction of three new colors – Pink, White and Beige – to its XenInx Zircon ceramic ink range for digital tile printing. The new colors supplement the existing Zircon range of blue, brown and yellow. Additional colors are expected to be launched later in the year.

Designed for demanding manufacturing environments, the new intense Zircon inks provide ceramic tile producers with the opportunity to create a wider range of designs. Zircon’s expanded range provides color strength and density previously difficult to achieve with single pass digital production systems.

“Zircon white, pink and beige show strong color vibrancy and high opacity. The inks offer a high level of color stability across a wide range of glazes, eliminating color differences between wall and floor tiles,” said Dr. Olivier Morel, Xennia’s chief technology officer.

Zircon is formulated and optimized to achieve superior print quality on fired tiles through the control of the inkjet drop formation process and the interaction of the inks with a wide range of unfired glazes.

“A combination of the wider gamut achieved when using Zircon colors together and the high standard quality inks allows the designer to reveal the finer details in the highlight and shadow areas that are embedded in marble, stone, wood pattern effects which has previously not been visible,” explained Dr. Morel.

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