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Bobst, Esko, Flint Group Start Flexo Goes Green Initiative in China


Achieves breakthrough in corrugated post printing

Bobst, Esko and Flint Group recently achieved a breakthrough in corrugated post printing by starting the initiative “Flexo Goes Green,” which stands for sustainability, productivity and quality. All the project partners keep driving for more advanced corrugated post printing, in order to serve and support the vast needs of boxes in China. During the Sino-Corrugated 2013 fair in Shanghai, they presented a corrugated box called “Flexo Goes Green,” which gained a lot of attention.

The box was printed with Flint Group’s non-toxic water-based ink, FLEXOPAK C, and photopolymer printing plate, nyloflex ART 284 Digital, on a Bobst VISION-160 press; the prepress work was delivered by Esko. The outcome was so distinctive and impressive that visitors were really surprised: high resolution with a wide tonal range, excellent solid ink transfer and coverage as well as clean printing with high speed. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology provided by the three partners, the result demonstrates that post printing with an extremely high quality can become reality in the Chinese flexo market.

This technology enhances the sales function of the corrugated box with high eye-catching moments. Now, corrugated post printing is not only an alternative to pre-printing by offset but also an excellent solution in means of sustainability, productivity and quality.

The cooperation demonstrates that these partners together are able to accelerate the application of technologies that address the Chinese market needs regarding sustainability, productivity and quality. They all commit to their new initiative “uFlexo” (which stands for “Flexo for You”) to promote flexo in China.

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