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Nazdar Releases New 2300 Series UV/UV-LED Container Screen Ink

Published May 10, 2013
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Nazdar Ink Technologies announces 2300 Series Screen Ink, a newly developed container ink with multiple cure-reacting methods and a wide range of container materials. Formulated for use on glass and PET containers, 2300 Series also adheres to a wide range of plastics, including HDPE and some LDPE. 2300 Series cures with traditional UV and UV-LED, and exhibits high chemical resistance, water resistance and color saturation.

"Container printing is a demanding market, and 2300 Series is cutting edge technology to meet those demands," said Phil McGugan, Nazdar Ink Technologies' vice president of global sales and marketing. "We believe this ink will have an important place in the market for printers who need versatility and performance."

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