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Bordeaux Launches High Performance Adhesion Promoters


Creates new application possibilities for plastic, glass

Bordeaux Digital Printink announced the expansion of its UV and UV LED product range to include high performance adhesion promoters for plastic and glass. This series expands printer services by offering print service providers (PSPs) a greater range of applications on rigid and super flexible substrates, including glass, acrylic, lexan, polypropylene, styrene and more.

Bordeaux’s highly transparent adhesion promoters are specially formulated with specific chemical bonding properties to be used as a printable coat to increase adhesion and improve scratch resistance of UV and UV LED inks. Using the environmentally friendly promoters reduces static energy on the substrate surface.

“Customers are very familiar with our ink series, like Eco solvent, Latex and UV LED curable inks,” said Erez Shoshani, general manager Bordeaux Digital Inc., a subsidiary of Bordeaux Digital Printink. “Bordeaux’s complementary solutions, such as the coatings and laminates, and the new adhesion promoter series reflect our continued commitment to deliver comprehensive, affordable inks and solutions to our customers.”