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Dusatec, Inc. Acquires Product Lines from Buhler AG



Effective Jan. 1, 2013, Dusatec, Inc. announces the purchase of the entire lines of TURBULENT mixers, reactors/dryers, Superflushers, both of batch and continuous designs, and the GELIMAT thermo kinetic compounding machines, both of batch and semi-continuous designs, from Buhler AG, Switzerland.

These product lines were assets taken over initially when Buhler AG acquired Draiswerke, Inc. in 2010. The products did not fall into any existing strategic Buhler portfolio areas.

Dusatec, Inc. is a newly formed company set up by the former owners of Draiswerke, Inc. Therefore, the company brings full knowledge of these product lines, and the potential growth areas for these products and technologies can be fully implemented.

All purchase orders from Jan. 1, 2013 for new machines, spare parts and service will be supported through Dusatec, Inc.

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