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Scott Liu Steps Down as Chairman and CEO of E Ink Holdings


Vice chairman Felix Ho named interim chairman and CEO

The Board of Directors for E Ink Holdings announced that Scott Liu has resigned as the chairman and CEO of the company, and vice chairman Felix Ho has been named interim Chairman and CEO.

Dr. Liu joined pioneering Taiwanese TFT LCD maker Prime View International in 2001, becoming its chairman and CEO in 2004. During his tenure, Prime View transformed into E Ink Holdings, the world¹s leading electronic paper display company. His leadership and vision led E Ink to become the leader in electronic paper used in eReaders and a variety of other devices. E Ink subsidiary Hydis's FFS LCD technology is also considered the number one choice for tablets and mobile devices.

Dr. Liu has cited personal reasons for his decision. The company and its Board of Directors thank Dr. Liu for his leadership and tremendous contribution over the years. At the behest of the Board of Directors, Dr. Liu will continue to assist the company in the role of executive advisor for E Ink Holdings.

Ho has assumed the responsibility of interim chairman and CEO of E Ink Holdings effective immediately. Ho has extensive experience in electronic displays, RFID, packaging and consumer goods industries, and was one of the founding employees of the company. In the past year, Ho has managed the company's eReader business worldwide. He has also been chairman and president of subsidiary E Ink Corporation in Cambridge, MA since 2010.