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INX Digital Debuts New Cartridge Recycling Program


Program is in line with a longstanding plan and commitment to sustainability

In line with a longstanding plan and commitment to sustainability, INX Digital has introduced a new ink cartridge recycling program in the U.S. Details that were revealed at last month’s Signs By Tomorrow annual convention in Savannah, GA were met with enthusiastic support from franchisees.

INX Digital’s program will accept any empty Triangle brand or OEM wide format digital ink cartridges. The main requirement is the printer must return a minimum of 20 cartridges. Free shipping is available to anyone who packages the cartridges in their own box and uses a UPS call tag that is generated through a special web site.

“In North America, over 350 million inks cartridges are sent to landfills annually. Most people are not aware that recycled ink cartridges are extremely beneficial since they use 80% fewer resources than a new cartridge,” said Ken Kisner, INX Digital’s vice president of business development and CTO for digital division ink technologies.

“Using renewable resources is part of our global preservation commitment through intelligent product and packaging design and responsible manufacturing,” Mr. Kisner added. “As global citizens dedicated to corporate responsibility, it is our intention, as part of our strategic plan, to encourage environmental protection for the conservation of precious natural resources. We believe this ink cartridge program is another step in the right direction to reduce, reuse and recycle efficiently.”

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