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BASF to Introduce New Technologies at uv.eb WEST 20133


Can enhance UV light formulations for the printing and packaging industry

BASF will introduce two new products that can enhance ultraviolet (UV) light formulations for the printing and packaging industry at the uv.eb WEST 2013 conference, Feb. 26 to 27, in Redondo Beach, CA.

The newest additions to BASF’s portfolio of products that can help improve ink and overprint varnish formulations are:
• Irgacure LEX 201, a dual function, low migration photoinitiator for UV curable inks and overprint varnishes for packaging applications.
• Irgacure 290 TPC, a heavy metal-free liquid form of Irgacure 290 for 3D and other curing applications.

“BASF values our relationships with our customers and we want to help them be more successful by delivering versatile solutions to meet their needs,” said Limei Lu, market development manager, Resins and Performance Additives for Printing and Packaging, for BASF in North America. “Irgacure LEX 201 and Irgacure 290 TPC were both developed to address customer requirements.”

BASF offers the printing and packaging industry a broad product portfolio of oligomers, reactive diluents, vinyl monomers, photoinitiators, stabilizers, UV absorbers, pigments, rheology modifiers, dispersants and antioxidants.

“The capabilities of our technical experts, products and technologies that support the printing and packaging industry are broad and diverse, and by actively creating solutions together, ink and overprint varnish formulators can leverage these strengths,” said Lu.