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Tony Bean Speaks at TAGA and RadTech


Anthony Bean to speak about low migration technology at TAGA, RadTech

Sun Chemical’s Anthony Bean will discuss recent trends and innovations in low migration ink technology for the food packaging industry at the Technical Association of Graphic Arts’ (TAGA) Annual Technical Conference and RadTech’s uv.eb West.

During both events, Mr. Bean will highlight the recent need for low migration inks in the food packaging industry, citing the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) regulations around the technology, and the Swiss Ordinance governing packaging and printing inks across Europe.

“There is a lot of conversation in the industry right now about low migration technology,” said Mr. Bean, manager of energy curing ink at Sun Chemical. “Brand owners and converters alike are feeling the demand for inks that meet both the Swiss Ordinance and FDA’s regulations. While it is widely considered that the two regulations have significant differences, it is surprising how similar they actually are. My presentations at TAGA and RadTech will clarify the differences in both terms and technology related to low migration ink.”

Sun Chemical offers a variety of low migration systems for every offset application, including SunCure FLM, an offset UV-curing printing ink formulated for labels, flexible film and folding carton packaging. SunCure FLM features patented M-Cure technology for lowest migration in UV printing for food packaging and other sensitive applications.

In 2012, Sun Chemical received an InterTech Technology Award for its SunPak LMQ (low migration quality) products. Sun Chemical’s SunPak LMQ products help address the risk brand owners face in packaging, where compounds from materials in the packaging structure can migrate into the food product or the surrounding environment.

SunPak LMQ inks exhibit very low odor, off-flavor and migration levels, and offer a comprehensive solution to brand owners and converters who are looking for ways to address migration concerns for food, pharmaceutical and tobacco applications. The Sun Chemical solution combines chemistry, press preparation procedures, lithographic guidance and analytical support to help converters meet the most demanding requirements.

TAGA’s Annual Technical Conference will be held Feb. 3-6 in Portland, OR. It is the only international conference for the graphic arts that features technical papers on research straight from the laboratory, studies from the pressroom, and software and systems engineering papers.

Held in Redondo Beach, CA on Feb. 26-27, RadTech’s uv.eb West conference focuses on various ultraviolet and electric beam technology solutions and applications for print technology, consumer packaging and industrial applications.

To learn more about Sun Chemical’s low migration solutions or to register for a free Low Migration Best Practice Guide, visit

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