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New INX AquaTech ION Ink Systems Now Available

Published January 8, 2013
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The new AquaTech ION Label ink systems are now available from INX International Ink Co. Introduced to the market at the Labelexpo Americas 2012 show last September, these premium quality water-based flexographic printing ink formulations represent a significant advancement for paper, film and thermal label printing on anilox rolls up to 1500 lines per inch.

Each ION aqueous system offers strong performance with superior press stability for better printability at a wide range of press speeds. Taking into consideration the brilliant color strength and outstanding transparency and resolution, ION is the ideal choice for narrow to mid-web flexo operations providing work for tag and label customers.

The paper, thermal and film systems provide benefits with unique characteristics. ION-P is formulated to run on various paper substrates, including most prime label, EDP, semi-gloss and a wide variety of pressure sensitive and tag liners. ION-T offers high heat resistance and is designed for direct and indirect printing across various paper substrates. The ION-F series is designed to provide excellent adhesion on most treated, non-porous film structures including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, cellophane, vinyls and foils.

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