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EFI UV Ink Sales Reach Record One Million Liters in Less Than 12 Months


Reflects continuing increase in popularity for EFIs wide-format and narrow web portfolios

A record achievement was announced by EFI – that the company has sold more than one million liters of UV-curable ink during the first 11 months of 2012. This reflects the continuing increase in popularity for the company's wide-format and narrow web portfolios, with diversity in creativity, application opportunities and material capabilities resulting in more output being generated using the company's inkjet technologies.

"Our company-record sales of one million liters of UV-curable ink in an eleven-month period confirms EFI's position as a leader in the inkjet arena with reliable, cost-effective and more environmentally-friendly inks for the digital marketplace," explains Scott Schinlever, senior vice president and general manager of inkjet solutions at EFI.

"Reaching this milestone is yet another indication that EFI is producing high quality ink formulations, combined with wide format printing system technologies that meet the demand for greater profitability through producing shorter runs with superior print quality at production speeds,” Mr. Schinlever added. “We've experienced 12 consecutive quarters of over 20% year-over-year UV ink volume growth, which indicates that customers utilizing our technology are experiencing business growth."

SCHAWK!, a global provider of integrated brand development and brand deployment services, has been identified as the customer that purchased EFI's one-millionth liter of ink this year. SCHAWK! was presented with an EFI recognition award.

"We've been able to secure new business that we were unable to get before, thanks to the print quality and vibrant color of EFI VUTEk printers and ink. When customers see our prints next to those of others, our output stands out. The opaque white ink and the three layer white capability presents a level of quality and adds capabilities we haven't seen with any other equipment. As a result, we are printing images we used to outsource on photographic equipment, " said Paul Vogelsang, director of operations at SCHAWK!.

As part of its end-to-end digital print product portfolio, EFI manufactures UV-curable inks, producing its own formulations, including
LED-curable inks. Market trends have continued to drive the transition from analog to digital technologies, and these trends are reflected in the steady growth of digital ink sales throughout the company's product families with users benefiting from greater efficiencies and fast turnaround.

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