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INX International Executives to Address Migration Issues at PACK EXPO Seminar


Kevin Facklam, Jonathan Graunke selected for panel seminar at show

Exterior packaging ink and coating properties and chemical resistance continues to be a hot industry topic, especially in light of evolving governmental rules and regulations. INX International representatives Kevin Facklam, director of regulatory affairs, and Jonathan Graunke, VP, energy curable technology, will tackle these and other issues at the PACK EXPO International show in Chicago on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012.

They will be part of a panel seminar discussing “Chemical Migration & Migration Approaches,” scheduled for 11a.m.-noon at McCormick Place. The session will likely explore best practices and issues and concerns regarding food packaging materials to assure regulatory compliance.

Mr. Facklam, who recently spoke at a NAPIM conference on European food packaging safety issues, indicated a sharper focus is being placed on the food packaging supply chain. He says attention is being directed towards various responsibilities involving ink and chemical material suppliers with the brand owner, designer and printer/converter.

“Finding new food-friendly packaging inks and coatings is now a larger priority among printers and converters as well as their brand-owner customers,” said Mr. Facklam. “Some food packaging print/converters find themselves dealing with issues that have not directly impacted them previously. INX has product offerings that meet the most stringent standards and for good reason. Every step in the process is being reviewed and scrutinized, from the selection of raw materials to print-production additives such as adhesion promoters.”

INX has published “Low Migration Inks in Packaging,” a brief yet comprehensive action guide to help food package providers deal with a myriad of challenges they face today. It summarizes the latest, most relevant regulations and standards, including FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) requirements for the U.S., Canada and Europe. Packaging supply chain links and responsibilities, practical recommendations for print-production processes and a glossary of relevant abbreviations and definitions are also included. To obtain a free copy, contact

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