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Van Son Launches VS Supreme


New Ink is designed for use on straight and perfecting presses to enhance pressroom efficiencies

Van Son Holland Ink Corporation has developed a new ink specifically for use on straight and perfecting presses to enhance pressroom efficiencies. Formulated to be compatible with today’s ever-changing technologies, VS Supreme seamlessly handles the broad spectrum of printing conditions and substrates commercial printers face in a fast-paced production environment. Additionally, the high-quality performance and versatility of VS Supreme delivers a vibrant pigment range designed to meet the tolerance set forth by GRACol 7.

“We’re excited to introduce VS Supreme at Graph Expo 2012. It is an ink that has been meticulously engineered to support the requirements for pressroom efficiency and color management,” said John Sammis, president of Van Son Holland Ink Corporation of America. “As always, Van Son’s ink products are focused on helping printers improve pressroom quality, production efficiency and profitability.”

VS Supreme adds to pressroom efficiency by offering exceptional press stability, super fast setting, hard drying and ease of use. Van Son will be showing the broad range of benefits VS Supreme can deliver at Graph Expo 2012, Oct. 7-10 in Booth 2054.

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