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Flint Group Narrow Web Announces New UV Rotary Screen Ink Innovations for North American Market


Improved CombiScreen UV rotary screen inks designed specifically for combination printing, formulated for extreme overprint-ability

Flint Group Narrow Web introduces an improved CombiScreen, UV rotary screen inks designed specifically for combination printing and formulated for extreme overprint-ability. These press ready-inks are ideal for combination printing with all narrow web ink technologies and can be used on all types of substrates. CombiScreen is a silicone-free ink system – as a result, printers will experience perfect combination print results with virtually any print process.

CombiScreen is developed for use in rotary screen systems and will produce high color strength for an improved end result. With CombiScreen, converters will achieve the best print quality obtainable with UV screen printing – great dot sharpness, excellent flow, excellent adhesion, great combination printing and faster cure. This is the ink of choice for complex combination printing applications. These inks are perfect for beverage, health and beauty, and no-label-look applications.

CombiScreen is available in the full range of Pantone colors, including a full range of high resistance pigments. As always, Flint Group Narrow Web will match any special custom colors.

For printers who run both UV flexo and UV rotary screen, Flint Group introduces Flex2Screen technology – where converters can convert Flint Group Flexocure FORCE, UV flexo inks, into UV rotary screen inks. Printers can lower ink inventory and create UV screen colors as needed, when needed, in their own print shops. This concept has been thoroughly tested and results show that robust screen inks can be achieved by combining UV flexo ink with the specially engineered technology varnish to satisfy just-in-time print operations.

While CombiScreen is a silicone-free screen ink, Flex2Screen will contain silicone, making this comparable to Flint Group’s Uvoscreen product lines.

“When you start with Flexocure FORCE, the highest quality UV flexo ink available on the market, who could expect anything less than a robust, high performance, UV rotary screen ink as a result? All you need is Flint Group’s specially engineered varnish – a result of intense research and our long experience in screen printing,” Tom Hammer, product manager, Flint Group Narrow Web North America, said. “Flex2Screen is a solution for printers who want to consolidate and reduce inventories and still attain the very best print results.”

“Flint Group Narrow Web offers a full line of products to support UV rotary screen printing” added Niklas Olsson, Flint Group Narrow Web global brand manager. “Along with CombiWhite, the market’s best selling UV rotary screen white, we offer CombiScreen high strength silicone-free screen colors, and now Flex2Screen which can help printers reduce inventories. Flint Group continues to lead the market in ink innovations; we are dedicated to providing innovations that will continue to shape our industry.”

CombiScreen and Flex2Screen are available in the North American region. Flint Group offers UvoScreen Elite, UV rotary screen inks, in Europe and the rest of the world.